About Us


Skinny Bitch Apparel is an online retailer with rad clothes for rad women all over the world. We make no apologies for our name, or our style. Because we stand for confident women who aren't afraid to make a little noise. You can call us a bitch. Disagree with our views. But the one thing you can't do is ignore us.

Skinny Bitch Apparel was founded by Lan Tran, a fashion e-commerce marketer with years of experience working for top fashion brands. As a teenager armed with only a few bucks in her pocket, Lan pillaged thrift stores looking for rad outfits to style herself in. A regular on the Rave scene she followed the early electronic movement and was inspired by the club kids she hung out with. Now she heads the style of Skinny Bitch Apparel.

In early 2014 Skinny Bitch Apparel's original Tee: "Twerking is not a Crime" was worn by Cara Delevigne at Paris Fashion week. And, Skinny Bitch Apparel is currently worn by top fashion bloggers and celebrities everywhere.